Because we use corn, our product is naturally gluten-free. This allows consumers with gluten-sensitivity, celiac disease or those on gluten-free diets to safely consume our product.
Utilizing gmo-free corn ensures the best quality corn to produce Virus Vodka™, creating a mellow, slightly sweet experience.
In a sense, we “electrocute” our vodka which removes all of the impurities in it. The impurities and congeners are what cause hangovers, and we remove them with this process.
Distilling vodka removes the congeners (by-products) in your vodka, which cause hangovers. Virus Vodka™ is distilled more times than a large majority of vodkas on the market.
Yes we are a true Kosher “K” Certified vodka.
Every step of our production is American, from the corn we purchase, to the employees we staff.